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Felipe Meireles

Vice President of Risk & Safety

With over 19 years of experience in the Safety field, and as someone with roots from the field (thus with hands on experience), Felipe works tirelessly to ensure Safety is a value that is understood and lived by all, from upper management to all other levels within the company. Mr. Meireles has a proven track record that illustrates his passion for problem solving, coaching, collaboration, training, and safety mindset that promotes employee safety and mitigate losses. Mr. Meireles experiences varies from institutional, commercial, healthcare, government, and residential projects. At William R Nash, Mr. Meireles interacts with the entire organization keeping Risk and Safety in mind. He is a true believer that Safety is achieved on our day-to-day. From the equipment we selected to complete our projects, to estimating, to project management and supervision, to industry lessons learned, to the policies that are implemented and how those affect the employee’s ability to achieve the desire result safely. Mr. Meireles understands that a company is only safe when is safe 100%, in every aspect, from the time the lights go on, until the last employee leaves, for every task completed (being clerical or mechanical), again a safe company is a company that is safe 100% of the time. With a lengthy educational background, Mr. Meireles holds a Bachelor’s in Health Management, OSHA 500, OSHA 501, ICRA, AMOT, MEWP among several other occupational specific certifications, Mr. Meireles is a true believer that an educated workforce is a safer workforce and his efforts to coach and educate William R Nash employees throughout the years has consistently enhanced the safety of our employees. “There is nothing wrong with doing the right thing” is Mr. Meireles’s motto, and his fundamental piece while coaching employees in understanding that stopping an unsafe act is the right thing to do. We will complete all tasks, safely, and William R Nash LLC will support all that follows his motto. Mr. Meireles is also responsible for the company’s Fleet and Risk Management.

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