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BIM WRN, Nash, William R. Nash
Cement Wall

Technology integration plays a crucial role in enhanced engineering design and construction while driving advancements, efficiency, and improved outcomes.

William R. Nash has committed to the latest technology, which has revolutionized the way our industry operates.  These tools enable precise planning, collaboration, and visualization of projects, leading to improved accuracy, reduced errors, and streamlined construction processes. 

BIM WRN, Nash, William R. Nash
BIM WRN, Nash, William R. Nash

Building Information Modeling

Clients expect expedited construction in today’s market, and that's exactly what we deliver.


Our BIM process is closely integrated and executed from Virtual Estimating, Trade Coordination, Pre-Fabrication to Field Installation. Using BIM over a decade has given us plenty of experience to lead the collaboration effort on projects of any size. Our array of 3D software allows us the ability to accurately and clearly model plumbing and hydronic pipe systems, sheet metal ductwork, fire protection services, architectural features and structural elements. We are also a leader in identifying conflicts prior to field installation through advanced software. We maintain many 3D software systems that places us at the forefront of the industry for virtual mechanical construction. 

BIM models have become an integral part of our overall project success. From setting sleeves using developed layout points, quickly making modifications to systems, tracking materials, utilizing point cloud information or pre-fabricating quality pipe assemblies our BIM process is at the center of it all.


3D Laser Scanning

Laser Scanners can accurately measure and collect data from objects, surfaces, building, and landscapes. Laser scanners collect information in the form of point cloud data, which consists of millions of 3D coordinates.


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laser scanning wrn, nash, william r nash
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)

  • Virtual Design Construction (VDC)

  • Pre-construction As-builts

  • Public Safety and Forensics

  • Preservation and Restoration

  • Deformation Monitoring

  • Plant and Industrial Measurement

  • Quality Control


The Trimble TX6 streamlines work in the office. The scanner’s clean, low noise data reduces processing time. That data loads directly into Trimble RealWorks® software and Trimble Scan Explorer, enabling project collaboration via Internet Explorer. The Trimble TX6 paired with RealWorks also provides efficient data flow into popular CAD programs, Trimble EdgeWise and SketchUp® for point cloud modeling.

Trimble laser scanning wrn, nash, william r nash
Trimble laser scanning wrn, nash, william r nash
  • 500,000 points per second with no compromise on scan quality or range

  • Typical high density scan time of only 5 minutes

  • Integrated HDR camera to colorize scans

  • Easy to use onboard interface with no complex parameters

  • Integrated WLAN for remote operation from any mobile device

  • Robust design with IP 54 rating for demanding environments

  • Upgradeable from 80m standard to 120 meter extended range

Scanning Speed

500k pts/sec

Scanning Range

80m Standard, 120m Extended


Integrated HDR camera, 10 MP resolution

Essential performance, range, accuracy and speed


"We want to take this opportunity to recognize you as having demonstrated and embraced the Owner Controlled Project Team Delivery (OCPTD) project approach, characterized by teamwork, collaboration, quality, and other attributes."


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