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Safety & Training
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William R Nash knows that our employees are our most valuable asset. This crucial understanding allows for a Safety culture that empowers workers to “do the right thing”.

Doing the right thing means that every William R Nash employee understands that the company will not take lightly any indication that Safety is not a priority. It is commonly understood that a Safety concern, if present, is the most important task to tackle until it is made Safe. Every worker has the right to refuse unsafe work and is encouraged to speak up when and if needed. “There is nothing wrong with doing the right thing” is a motto that drives our everyday, and allows for employees in every rank, division, department and location to do just that, the right thing with Safety in mind.

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We are committed to face the challenges presented by the ever changing construction environment from a safety perspective and considers safety a core value.


From estimating, to design, to start-up meetings, to on-going compliance, training, assessments, employee involvement, recognition and corrective actions, we at William R Nash consistently drive to excellence in Safety, noticed by the following:

  • Team dedication, resulting in our ability to meet deadlines with zero accidents, consistently improving our outstanding Safety record.

  • Involvement from every level of an organization, to ensure the message is uniform, easily understood, and retained by everyone while maintaining all expected production levels.

  • By using a “Lessons Learned Approach” we share information with our team to continually improve what and how we do our work with the goal of reducing accidents, injuries and overall risk and exposure to all of our employees.

  • Actively pursuing the latest and best proven technology, we ensure equipment, solutions, training and overall Safety is achieved without allowing the message and Culture of the program to become stagnant or outdated.


Each project we perform is evaluated beforehand in a proactive manner during the start up meeting, then continuously evaluated through Job Safety Analysis, Safety enforcement visits, and finally reviewed upon completion of the project. All is evaluated by our William R Nash Wellness & Safety committee.


The Nash Wellness & Safety Committee is comprised of representatives of our Safety team, other select William R. Nash employees, to include field, supervision, office, fabrication, and service. The goal is to ensure that all departments within the company are represented and heard. The committee continues to work diligently to improve existing programs and implement new initiatives with an emphasis on safety and wellness. 

The William R Nash committee’s recommendations vary from:

  • Types of vehicles used in our fleet.

  • Equipment utilized during different types of activities where exposure might be present.

  • Personal Protective Equipment recommendations.

  • Specific Training not otherwise identified.

  • Identifying areas of opportunity for repairs and or improvements within the fabrication shop.

  • Open discussions of current and past Safety topics that may affect employees with an angle to be ahead and plan for the Safety of our employees.


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An Educated workforce is an Empowered workforce. William R. Nash truly believes on training our employees and give them all the tools required to succeed on our ultimate goal of Zero Injuries.

New employees receive an encompassing Safety Orientation which covers possible exposures and guides new (or seasoned) employees into an introduction to the Project with Safety in mind. Topics such as Personal Protective Equipment, Fall Hazards, Tool Safety, Hazardous Communication, Material Handling, Electrical and Ladder Safety, among other topics are covered to ensure employees do not arrive at a project blind to their role in continuing the company’s Safety Culture.


In addition, all employees at William R Nash attend an OSHA 10 or 30 class, which are refreshed on regular basis. However, OSHA classes are just the beginning. William R Nash is dedicated to employee Safety, and we always ensure that operators of all kinds of equipment are certified and competent to operate, and all sorts of exposure are mitigated with a properly educated workforce. Training such as rigging, ICRA, Medical Gas, CPR, NFPA70e among other selections are provided as needed and as required on an ongoing basis.

Finally, our continued attention to safety and wellness through inspections, training, communication, and follow up has created a successful partnership between our safety department and our field leaders. Our field leadership embrace their role in keeping our project teams safe and provides regular input on safety initiatives. We are proud to have recently been awarded the ABC Platinum Step Award, which we feel is a great measure of our safety and wellness program’s success!

"This letter is in support of the knowledge, skills, communications, and responsiveness of William R. Nash, LLC. BR+A has had the pleasure of working with W.R. Nash on many healthcare renovations including Holy Cross Hospital, Boca Regional Medical Center, New Orleans VA, and the University of Miami."


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