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Service & Maintenance
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WE ARE READY 24/7/365.

Our commercial plumbing and HVAC service department is open 24 hours a day, everyday.

Our knowledgeable technicians provide the know-how to maintain, diagnose, and repair your systems in an efficient, client-focused manner. Our proactive approach means that you don’t just get help when you need it, you minimize avoidable downtime by anticipating failures whenever possible. With over 55 years in business William R. Nash is the company you can trust for all of your facility’s HVAC, Refrigeration, Mechanical, and Plumbing needs. 


A History of Service

An industry leader since 1965, William R. Nash’s business has been built upon a solid foundation of satisfied customers and dedicated employees. Specializing in commercial applications and industrial maintenance, Nash has steadily grown in size and capabilities.

As we move forward, William R. Nash remains committed to establishing long-term relationships with their customers by fostering a “quality over quantity” culture, willing to sacrifice profit for customer satisfaction.


Preventative Maintenance

Prevent the problems of tomorrow by maintaining your equipment today.


A Maintenance Contract is essential to the preservation and efficiency of all HVAC/R equipment. The equipment used to cool or heat your facility MUST be serviced on a regular basis. Filters, mechanical and electrical components must periodically be monitored and changed. 


You should have your equipment serviced quarterly.

  • Verify and record all vital equipment information

  • Removal of old filters, installation of new customer filters

  • Visually check for leaks from mechanical equipment and piping

  • Inspect belts & pulleys and adjust as necessary

  • Installation of new belt(s)

  • Inspect electrical components & controls, tighten as necessary

  • Lubricate motors, bearings and dampers where necessary

  • Check, verify and record all voltage and amperage readings are within factory specifications

  • Check, verify and record all refrigerant levels and pressures are within factory specifications

  • Check condenser and evaporator coils for air flow restrictions

  • Check condensate line(s) and condensate pan(s) for blockages and debris

  • Check operating controls (such as thermostats, etc.) for proper operation and programming

  • Check supply and return temperatures

  • Maintain and clean cooling towers

  • Perform service on chillers per manufacturers specifications

  • Power washing of condenser coil(s) and evaporator coil(s)

We offer a free survey of your equipment and to customize an agreement that best suits your facility’s needs.

"It has been my pleasure to work with William R. Nash for over the past 22 years. We have worked together on every facility within the Memorial network from small service projects to major additions and renovations. Nash's attention to delivering to its clients a quality, on-time, and on-budget product has always been their number one goal."


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