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Jackson South Community Hospital

Jackson Health System

Miami, Florida


MGE Architects


Robins & Morton Group

About this Project

Jackson South is a 199-bed acute-care hospital located in south Miami-Dade County. Construction increased their size by 157,000 square feet and renovated an additional 72,000 square feet of existing space. This project expanded their emergency room and surgical facilities and added 57 new private patient rooms.

The expansion includes a new five story addition including first floor for in and outpatient services and eight new operating rooms, three floors of patient Rooms and ICU rooms and a fifth floor mechanical penthouse for both air handlers and medical gas systems. The new Hospital Tower expansion is 172,666 square feet including the 11,284 square foot mechanical Penthouse. There is a new Central Energy Plant (CEP) with two 600 ton chillers that serves the new Hospital and in case of emergency can provide partial cooling to the existing Hospital chilled water loop. The renovation work includes a new emergency department, emergency waiting area, kitchen and dietary areas, new cafeteria and extensive remodel of the first floor of the existing hospital. The existing CEP received a 450 ton chiller to help increase the cooling capacity to the existing hospital.

William R. Nash, Inc. completed all Plumbing Systems, Medical Gas System, HVAC mechanical piping systems, all Medical Gas Alarms Systems, Building Automation Systems for both the new and existing Hospital, Mechanical Ductwork, Plumbing and Mechanical Insulation, Renovation and new Emergency Department Plumbing and Underground Fuel Oil for operation of the Emergency Generators. The new tower built out completely the First and Third floors with future expansion on the Second floor for more ICU rooms and Fourth floor complete Patient room build out. The new CEP has room to install anadditional 600 ton Chiller, Cooling Tower and associated piping and Pumps.

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