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2023 William R. Nash LLC. Champion Belt Winner: Unveiling the Ultimate Champion and Their Coveted Belt

COO, Ryan Nash, has commissioned special belts to honor two individuals each year who we identify as the "Champion" in the fields of Project Management and Project Supervision. William R. Nash's leadership team has agreed upon specific metrics that are used to evaluate the performance of WRN's project managers and supervisors. Based on these metrics ratings, the team selects the champions and presents each with the belt during WRN's company picnic. The following year, the previous champion will pass the belt on to the new champion, unless one or both individuals achieve the title again. Our leadership team believes that presenting the belts during the picnic is the most fitting way to acknowledge our champions, in front of their colleagues, family members, and friends.

William R Nash, LLC. is delighted to announce that Project Manager Justin Lewis and Sr. Superintendent Leon Reid have been awarded the prestigious Champion Belt for 2023! Justin was presented with the belt by Division President, Russell Nash, COO, Ryan Nash, and the reigning champion Project Manager, David Walton, at WRN's annual Holiday Picnic this past December. Leon was presented with his belt by reigning champion Superintendent, Rolando Arce, and COO, Ryan Nash!

As mentioned above, The Champion Belt program was established by William R. Nash, LLC. three years ago as a means of recognizing team members who have demonstrated exceptional performance in their supervisory roles. Check out the photos below of the Belt presentation!


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