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Ernie Geiger

Sheet Metal Operations Manager

Ernie has over 45 years in the mechanical trades with his expertise being Sheet Metal. He became a member of the William R. Nash team in 2011, when he was asked to start the Sheet Metal Department. Since then, he has expanded it into being an integral part of the William R. Nash work force. With his career experiences as a Superintendent, Project Manager and Estimator, he brings an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the sheet metal and mechanical trades to his current position overseeing the William R. Nash in-house Sheet Metal projects.
With safety and quality being his top priorities in his management role, he is always striving to provide the client with the best product installed at the highest standards. He is a firm advocate of the companies “ZERO” safety initiative and tries to expand that into the everyday quality control portion of the projects. He always tries to project a levelheaded calmness to all aspects of his personal and work life. There are two words that are not part of his vocabulary, “I can’t”. In his mind there is always a solution to any adverse situation.

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