At William R Nash, Inc. we recognize our employees are our most valuable asset.

The company is committed to face the challenges presented by the ever changing construction environment from a safety perspective and considers safety a core value. We’ve honed our successful safety record and culture by:

  • Team dedication, resulting in our ability to meet deadlines with zero accidents, enhancing our outstanding Safety record.
  • Involvement from every level of an organization, to ensure the message is uniform and easily understood & retained by everyone and ensures compliance while maintaining satisfactory production levels Active participation by a diverse cross section of the Nash team on decisions affecting the company Safety program instill a true feeling of ownership within the Safety program, therefore, adherence to the company’s safety program is more easily accepted.
  • By using a “Lessons Learned Approach” we share information with our team to continually improve what and how we do our work with the goal of reducing accidents, injuries and overall risk. Examples of areas we’ve recently focused on are: fall protection, ladder Safety, personal protective equipment, and exposure to known hazards
safety perspective and considers safety a core value.
zero accidents

Each project we perform is reviewed on a regular basis following our “Job Safety Analysis” format.

The Nash Wellness & Safety Committee is comprised of our Safety Director and other select Nash employees. This committee continues to work diligently to improve existing programs and implement new programs with an emphasis on safety and wellness, Here are a few of the committee initiatives:

Reducing accidents, injuries and overall risk
Project Superintendent
  • New requirement for brazing & soldering with use of 3.0 safety glasses
  • New driver policy addressing current risks such as Texting, accident investigation process and disciplinary process
  • Maintenance of Safety Manual that conforms to current laws and rules
  • Research, purchase and install state of the art personal protection equipment including the latest in hart hat technology using vents and reducing temperature beneath hats by as much as 15 degrees
  • We understood that hearing and respiratory protection is an important area of safety focus. We do in house medical clearance and fit testing as needed.

Safety training is an important part of our Safety initiative and includes training at various times during the year.

Newly hired employees are required to complete a full day of safety training before being allowed on a Nash job site. In addition we deliver timely training, guaranteed to conform with OSHA. We use an annual training calendar, which is posted, and made available to all employees. Classes such as OSHA 10/30 hours, Competent Person Certifications, Lift Certifications (Aerial, Scissor, Forklift, etc made available to all employees and completed as required.


Finally, our continued attention to safety and wellness through inspections, training, communication and follow up has created a successful partnership between our safety department and our field leaders. Our field leadership embrace their role is keeping our project teams safe and provides regular input on safety initiatives. We are proud to have recently been awarded the ABC Gold Step Award, which we feel is a great measure of our safety and wellness program’s success!