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Cusano's Bakery

Cusano’s Family

Pompano Beach, Florida


The Austin Company


JBP Contracting

About this Project

Cusano’s Bakery is a 141,096 square foot renovation of an existing furniture warehouse facility. The mechanical room was designed with complete expansion in mind, both on the cooling and heating sides of the equation. Currently there are (6) makeup air handling units totaling 162,000 CFM, (2) 150-hp Burnham steam boilers within the plant that service the entire facility. The 20,000 lb/hr ice flaker and the 30 ton low temperature chiller are essential to the dough making process. Two large tunnel ovens are used in the baking process. Each oven measures 150 feet in length and is capable of producing 5,000 pieces of bread an hour.

The facility has (6) DX split systems serving the common areas and offices throughout the facility in order to provide the comfort cooling needs within the building. This facility can fully function in the event of an emergency and power is lost. This is accomplished by the existing backup generators to provide power for the entire facility.

William R. Nash, Inc. is a Miami-based mechanical contractor and has been since its establishment in 1965. WRN self-performed over 10,152 man hours of piping services, with all of its labor coming from 20 local employees, of which live within the Broward & Miami area. It has truly been a pleasure to be associated with the construction and delivery of a state-of-the-art facility for the South Florida community to utilize for many years to come.

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