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Aaron Quintavalli

Service Manager

As a dedicated HVAC professional with over 27 years of experience under his belt, Aaron has had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of systems and equipment. His initial experience was in residential and light commercial units, with an occasional involvement in commercial refrigeration. However, he quickly progressed to working exclusively on commercial Industrial equipment, with a particular focus on controlled environment units and chiller systems.
His experience in the industry has allowed him to broaden his skillset and work on a range of different HVAC systems, including boilers, ice machines,chillers, & VFD’s. As technology has progressed, he kept himself up-to-date and gained experience in this area as well.
He was proud to accept the opportunity to work with the William R. Nash Service team in January 2019. During his time with the team, he has had the chance to work closely with the healthcare industries, servicing a wide range of equipment including centrifugal chillers, CAV's, AHU's, and more. Despite the challenges presented by the 2020 pandemic, the service team not only weathered the storm, but thrived and grew.
As the department expanded, Mr. Quintavalli was honored to take on a supervisory role before ultimately being promoted to Service Manager in 2021. Today, he leads a team of dedicated professionals who care for and service a virtual who's who of medical care facilities throughout south Florida.
Throughout the years and across different locations and equipment, one thing that has remained constant is the necessity of core values in effectively addressing emergency situations in the service industry.

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