Clients expect expedited construction in today’s market. That is exactly what we deliver with our integrated project approach using Building Information Modeling (BIM). Our BIM process is closely integrated and executed from Virtual Estimating, Trade Coordination, Pre-Fabrication to Field Installation. Using BIM over a decade has given us plenty of experience to lead the collaboration effort on projects of any size.

Our array of 3D software allows us the ability to accurately and clearly model plumbing and hydronic pipe systems, sheet metal ductwork, fire protection services, architectural features and structural elements. We are also a leader in identifying conflicts prior to field installation through advanced software. We maintain many 3D software systems that places us at the forefront of the industry for virtual mechanical construction.

BIM models have become an integral part of our overall project success. From setting sleeves using developed layout points, quickly making modifications to systems, tracking materials, utilizing point cloud information or pre-fabricating quality pipe assemblies our BIM process is at the center of it all.

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